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About Us

How Operation Sparkle Battle Box Started

We are so thankful that you're here. Our mission is to bring hope to all little warriors as they bravely fight cancer. Childhood shouldn't have to hurt, but when it does, a little sparkle can make it better.


Our Story

Every story has a beginning, and this is ours. While Sarah has been sick her entire life, things really didn't take a serious turn until 2018. In the fall of 2018 she underwent her initial cancer workup. During that time, people would send her little things to cheer her up. Small stuffed animals, bead kits, Lego, Barbies. We saw the huge joy it brought to her during those hard days. It made hospital admissions more bearable. Joy from a small gift.

December 2nd, 2021... the day our world turned. Her monthly bloodwork signaled a major problem. Over the course of the next year, Sarah would travel the 5 hour round trip to Houston for treatment 73 times.For her birthday, she told her oncologist that she was getting 100 Police Patches, as her dream since she could talk is to be a cop. The law enforcement world showed up, and Sarah has received over 3,000 patches and 400 challenge coins. An amazing group of officers from New Jersey sent her a "Battle Box" with items to encourage her to keep fighting. Her missions became clear, to pay it forward, and send battle boxes herself.  The girls started sending care packages to fellow cancer warriors and kids with life threatening diseases. And it grew, and grew, and grew. Growing into a now 501(c)3 Non Profit Public Charity.

What started as sending care packages to local kids in our town fighting cancer, to mailing them nationwide, one thing became a priority... to spread Sarah's Sparkle and bring hope to those who need it the most. Her vision, is to continuing sending Operation Sparkle Battle Boxes and encouraging each little warrior so that they know, No One Fights Alone.

Meet The Team

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